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Are you a business owner who is searching for expert commercial paving in Plano? You're in luck because our crew specializes in parking lots and more. Since the early 2000s, we've been paving the parking lots, garages, and more for local businesses like factories, schools, and hospitals. There's nothing more appealing than fresh asphalt in front of business property. Another exciting aspect about our team is that e work incredibly fast.

We understand that you need your parking spaces available so you can continue operating your business. We'll be out of your way in no time! Our company has a flawless reputation for excellence. When you choose us, you're selecting the best crew in the Lonestar State!

Pro Asphalt Paving Plano is your one and only source for blacktop services. We gladly pave residential and commercial driveways and parking lots using industry-leading methods and materials. Call us today!

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Our Expert Commercial Paving Services in Plano, TX!

Experienced Commercial Paving Contractors - We're Affordable!

When it comes to professional commercial paving in Plano, you need a company you can trust getting the job done right the first time. Our team doesn't fool around! We lay down the asphalt smoothly so that it looks great once it's set and dried. Here are a few benefits of commercial asphalt paving:

  • Long-Lasting - Asphalt paving can last up to three decades when the appropriate maintenance measures are implemented, like sealcoating, repairing cracks promptly, and proper drainage protocols.
  • Cost-Effective Solution - Because asphalt is an economical paving solution, you'll save thousands of dollars when adding blacktop to your parking lot.
  • Safe Surface - Unlike gravel, asphalt is smooth and won't damage vehicles or cause people to trip and fall when walking on it. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing -  Nothing looks better than a fresh, smooth asphalt parking lot. It may even increase your business!

Are you ready to do away with your old, ugly parking lot and refresh it with asphalt paving? Call us now to schedule an appointment!

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Fast and Effective Parking Lot Paving

Has it been a while since your parking lot has looked smooth, well-kept, and inviting? Pro Asphalt Paving Plano can help you with that through parking lot blacktopping services.

We'll come out and assess your current parking lot and see what e can do with the surface, a service that we offer free of charge.

Once we evaluate the situation, we'll get a paving plan put together and get started if you agree on the estimate that e give you. Don't worry! Our states are always fair and affordable.

Having your commercial parking lot paved is incredible for more reasons than one because it looks great, is easy to maintain, and is a reasonably quick and straightforward process. You and your customers will be back to convenient parking in no time!

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Plano's BEST Parking Lot Striping Team is at Your Service!

As a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to maintain your parking lot by keeping it marked and safe for your guests. Handicap patrons require special parking spaces that need to be clearly marked, etc. The good news is our Plano commercial paving crew specializes in striping. Check out some of the benefits of parking lot striping at your business:

  • Improves Parking - when spaces are clearly marked, you won't have vehicles parked all willy nilly, which cuts down on accidents and people parking in front of loading docks, exits, etc.
  • Prevents Door Dings - Lines on a parking lot keep cars at a safe distance from one another. which means you won't open your door and smash it into another vehicle.
  • Liability Reduction - Should someone smash another person's car with their door, it can actually cost YOU money!
  • Improves Safety - There are many areas on your property where you probably don't want people parking. Striping clearly marks those areas off as no-parking zones and increases safety at your commercial business.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal - Who wants an entirely black parking lot without any markings? Adding striping makes your parking lot look great!

We hope to schedule your parking lot striping service soon! Get in touch with us right now to learn more about the services that we have to offer.

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Keep Your Commercial Parking Lot On Point with Sealcoating

You're going to have your parking lot freshly paved, and you can't wait to see the results! But did you know that you can prolong the longevity of your commercial parking lot's beauty and functionality through sealcoating? Pro Asphalt Paving Plano offers sealcoating to preserve the integrity of parking lots and driveways for the long haul. Here's why you should opt for this incredible service:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal - Have you ever wondered how certain parking lots look so rich, dark, and lustrous? It's from sealcoating!
  • Affordable - Sealocating is a relatively inexpensive service, and it can be rolled into your paving amount. The money that sealcoating saves you on repairs ultimately pays for the service itself.
  • Increased Protection - Chipping, potholes, and other issues can happen when your parking lot isn't adequately protected. Sealcoating is that protection.
  • Extends Lifespan - You can get a good thirty years out of your asphalt paved parking lot with minimal maintenance when sealcoating is applied.

Are you curious about sealcoating? Check out our before and after gallery to see how superb this service is for yourself!

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"These guys are awesome, they came out to bid our parking lot that needed to be paved and gave a very thorough estimate. We went with them and could not be happier with the result! Highly recommended for any commercial paving in the Plano area."
- Paula Jensen

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Pro Asphalt Paving Plano gladly serves the areas of Addison, Murphy, McKinney, Frisco, and Richardson. If you are in or around our local services areas and need professional paving for your residential or commercial property, just call!

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