Which Is Better, Asphalt or Concrete Paving in Plano?

May 29, 2020

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While concrete paving in Plano is still the most popular choice for most residential properties and commercial roadways, asphalt also has many advantages for property owners. While there is no “right or wrong” answer as to which is best for your property, you might note those advantages and disadvantages of each. This will help you decide the right paving choice for your property even before you consult with paving companies in Plano!

The Advantages of Concrete Paving in Plano

First note a few reasons why concrete paving in Plano is still so popular with homeowners and commercial property owners. One advantage is that concrete is strong and durable and might last several years longer than asphalt before needing repairs or replacement. Concrete is especially durable against heavy vehicles, whereas soft asphalt might dent or show tread and swirl marks and other wear when exposed to commercial trucks, motor homes, and the like.

Concrete is also a bit more durable when exposed to motor oils and other corrosive fluids. Asphalt’s petroleum base and binders tend to break down after absorbing car oils, lawn care chemicals, snow clearing salt, and the like.

concrete paving plano

Another great advantages of concrete paving in Plano is that concrete is soft and malleable and able to be painted, stained, stamped, and otherwise formed and manipulated. If you want a reddish tone to your property’s pavement, consider stained concrete! Stamped concrete also provides the appearance of individual bricks and pavers without the cost and labor involved with paver installation! Your neighbor’s beautiful stone driveway might even be stamped and stained concrete rather than expensive stone.

Concrete’s soft nature also allows a homeowner or commercial property owner to create curved or otherwise shaped and formed borders along their property, to match driveways and commercial lots. If you want your landscaping borders or patio pavers to coordinate seamlessly with your home’s driveway, or prefer a border around your business signage that matches its stamped entryway, a concrete paving company can typically create custom designs with concrete paving on a Plano property!

The Advantages of Asphalt Paving in Plano

Despite concrete’s popularity, asphalt paving in Plano is also becoming a favorite choice for homeowners as well as commercial property owners! Note some advantages of asphalt or blacktop over concrete and other such materials.

  • Porous asphalt absorbs shock and noise. Asphalt is then typically easier on your vehicles, producing less vibration and wear, and helps create a quieter environment outside your home or business.
  • Dark asphalt cuts down on glare, a vital consideration for Plano properties, and provides a stark contrast to parking lines and other markings, allowing them to stand out more readily.
  • Asphalt installation is typically faster than concrete pouring and asphalt cures and sets faster as well; in many cases, you can drive over asphalt within a day or two of installation or chip sealing repairs, while concrete might need several days to set properly.
  • While painted and stained concrete offer an attractive surface outside your home or business, note that asphalt’s dark color also hides a number of surface imperfections! Concrete might show every drop of oil and other such discolorations, while asphalt often looks cleaner far longer than concrete.
  • Asphalt’s bumpy surface provides added traction even against snow and ice. While winter weather might not be much of a concern for Plano property owners, heavy rainfall and frost create unsafe driving conditions but asphalt’s texture often means less skidding and risk of collisions.

Choosing Between Asphalt and Concrete Paving in Plano

Since both asphalt and concrete paving in Plano have so many great advantages, how do you choose between them? Your paving contractor in Plano will offer some personalized suggestions and considerations, but you might first note your overall costs and budget. While concrete is a bit more expensive for installation, it might need fewer repairs over the years. However, choosing asphalt paving for a Plano property now allows you to spread out your paving costs rather than having to face expensive installation charges now.

asphalt paving plano

Appearance is also important for any property. Painted and stamped concrete allows for the look of stone and other materials, but consider if you can maintain that appearance over time. Stains and discoloration might detract from the look of painted concrete paving in Plano, so ensure you can keep up with fresh paint and stain over the years.

Timely installation is also important. Many commercial property owners choose asphalt paving in Plano simply because it’s installed and then sets and cures faster than concrete. You might be able to forego use of your home’s driveway for a few weeks but closing off a commercial parking lot or roadway that long is often difficult, which is why many commercial property owners especially choose asphalt paving in Plano.

How to Maintain Plano Concrete Paving

If you do choose concrete paving for a Plano property, note a few tips on how to maintain that pavement properly. One vital consideration is regular sealant or seal coating; sealing provides a barrier against water, corrosive lawn care chemicals, harsh sunlight, and other damaging elements. A paving company in Plano might advise as to how often your property needs sealant or seal coating.

Pressure washing also removes corrosive elements and exposes areas of needed repairs. Consider power washing after every summer season, to remove lawn care chemicals and storm debris and to keep your pavement looking its best. Commercial property owners might need power washing more often throughout the year, to wash away corrosive motor oils and other fluids.

Repairing chips, cracks, and spalling at their first appearance is also vital for ensuring your concrete paving in Plano stays strong and durable through the years! Chips and other damage allow water to seep into concrete’s lower layers, softening it and its underlying soil. Timely patching protects concrete from future damage while keeping it looking its best.

Fresh concrete layers also keep pavement in good condition. A new, thin top layer of concrete paving in Plano protects lower layers and concrete foundation while providing a clean surface, ready for parking lines and other markings as well as paint and stain. A new layer of concrete is also much cheaper than full-scale tear-out and replacement, so ask your paving company in Plano about new concrete layers as needed!

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